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Home Loans – Kingston, NY

Your Trusted Kingston, NY Lender


If you are in the market for a conventional or unconventional loan, then look no further than the team of advisors here at Prysma Lending Group.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced advisors serving Kingston is on hand to take care of your every need.  We have experience with the simplest of loans to the most complex and are prepared to meet the needs of all our valued clients. 

To learn more about our superior services or to begin steps toward your own home ownership, give a call out to our team at (855) 906-3416. or you can simply fill out the form on our website.


Your Different Kingston Mortgage Loan Options

Conventional Loans

Offering fixed rates, smaller down payments, flexibility, and adjustable-rate mortgage options, conventional loans are a popular choice by many of our clients.

Unconventional Loans

FHA loans, VA loans, and Tax ID (ITIN) loans are a variety of unconventional loans we offer our Kingston clients to meet their individual needs.

Refinancing Options

Additional services we offer here at Prysma Lending Group to existing homeowners include refinancing options that adjust interest rates and monthly mortgage payments.

Reverse Mortgages

We also offer reverse mortgages to senior homeowners who either own their homes outright or have a fair amount of equity in them and are looking for some form of supplemental income.

The 4 Steps to Home Ownership in Kingston, NY

The professionals here at Prysma Lending Group are committed to helping and guiding all our clients in Kingston through each and every step of their home buying process.  Whether you are looking to relocate and purchase a new home or you are a first-time homebuyer, our simple 4-Step process is the ideal solution for you in helping you enjoy a new homeownership status. 



The first step in the homeowner process is that of pre-qualification.  Our Mortgage Loan Originators work with you through this first step and are on hand to help you find properties that fall within the price range for you and your family.  The loan specialists here at Prysma are available to discuss all your concerns, answer questions, help in choosing the right mortgage option, and assist you through the loan application process from start to finish.    


Find Your Home & Make an Offer

Once the pre-qual stage has been completed, together we can then begin searching for your home of choice.  When searching for your new home, be sure to take important components such as purchase price, location, inspection, and safety issues into consideration.  After locating your dream Kingston home, we can then submit an offer to buy to the seller and perform any necessary negotiations needed to come to an agreed-upon purchase price.    


Loan Application

When we have an agreed-upon purchase price established, the next step will be to fill out and process your mortgage loan application.  Any one of our experienced Mortgage Loan Originators is on hand to guide you through this delicate application process. 


Closing & Moving in

With an accepted offer and an approved mortgage loan application in place, our next step will be to schedule a closing.  The team of loan specialists here at Prysma take a great deal of pride and satisfaction in the important role we play in helping our Kingston clients find and purchase their very own dream home.  When the closing has concluded, it is time for you to simply begin the move-in process to your new home.  

Why Borrowers Choose PRYSMA for Kingston Home Loans

Prysma Lending went above and beyond to help me with my loan. It’s hard to rely on a good lender now a days, with all the big corporate banks out there. Prysma provided me with Amazing service. I have been using them for over 10 years and couldn’t be happier.

– S. Johnson

Highly recommend Prysma! They were very professional and went above and beyond my expectations! They kept me informed and answered all my questions. A special thanks for Debora and Mark for their effort, even during their vacation they worked and made my closing happened.

– M. Breda

Prysma cares about their clients and works hard to demonstrate that with each closing!

– W. Bernard

Understanding Kingston Home Mortgage Loans

Conventional Mortgage Loans in Kingston

A conventional loan offers rates set up by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but is not backed by a government agency.  These two agencies provide standardized mortgage lending options here in the U.S.  

  • Fixed-Rate Loan:

    Fixed-rate loans never increase over time like those loans that have variable rates.  A fixed-rate loan affords you just that – a fixed interest rate and a fixed mortgage payment throughout the life of the loan.   

  • Adjustable-Rate (ARM) Loan: A loan whose rate adjusts during the life of the loan is referred to as an adjustable-rate mortgage.  Some of these ARM loans have a cap that limits the amount the rate can actually increase.  For buyers who plan to pay off their loan within a specific timeframe or those who will not be faced with financial hardships when the rates increase, an ARM may be the perfect choice for you.  

Unconventional Mortgage Loans in Kingston

  • Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loan:

    Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans are guaranteed by the government and provide government insurance through the lender.  There are certain requirements to obtain an FHA loan including (1) you must be a US citizen with lawful residence here in the U.S.; (2) you must have a valid Social Security number; and (3) you must possess a steady employment record for the prior two years.  The specialists here at Prysma provide all our Kingston clients a variety of loan options that may include moderate down payments, lower interest rates, and reduced closing costs. 

  • Tax ID Loan: If you are not a U.S. citizen and have no Social Security number, valid credit score, or Green Card, but you do have a current passport and/or a Tax Identification Number (ITIN), you may be eligible for a Tax ID loan.
  • Veterans Administration (VA) Loan:

    For all our military service members, veterans, and eligible surviving spouses of service members, here at Prysma Lending we provide Veterans Administration (VA) Loans.  VA loans are ideal for building, purchasing, repairing, retaining, or adapting a home specific to the personal occupancy needs of military personnel.  Our team is equipped to provide loan guarantee benefits and other housing-related options with favorable terms that meet the needs of our military borrowers.   

Large Brick Home - Mortgage Loan

Mortgage Refinancing in Kingston

  • Mortgage Refinancing Options: If you are an existing Kingston homeowner looking to access the equity in your home, obtain a lower rate or reduce your monthly payment, the team here at Prysma is on hand to provide you with top-rated mortgage refinancing options. Our team is steadfast in our commitment to provide clients with a mortgage that suits their financial needs as well as their lifestyle. 

Reverse Mortgage Options in Kingston

  • Reverse Mortgage Options:  For individuals over the age of 62 looking to supplement their income, perhaps pay off their mortgage, or even have a need to pay for a variety of healthcare expenses, it may be in your best interest to consider Reverse Mortgage.  A Reverse Mortgage provides you with means of converting the equity in your home into cash and all without having to sell your home or incur additional monthly payments.  Here at Prysma, our loan specialists are on hand to answer all your questions with regard to a Reverse Mortgage and determine whether or not this complicated loan option is right for you, keeping in mind that when you use the equity in your home, there are fewer assets available to you and to your heirs as well. 

Our Connecticut Home Loan Office Locations

Having helped thousands of Kingston clients find and purchase their dream homes, the dedicated team of loan specialists here at the Prysma Lending Group take pride in our well-deserved marketplace presence since 2003.  We have been referred to, time and time again, as your go-to company for all your mortgage loan needs.  Our clients are our number one priority here at Prysma Lending Group and our team is steadfast in our commitment to always do right by our clients and in working alongside them with all their important decision making.  We strive to ensure that clients can comfortably afford their mortgages without enduring financial struggles.  We have two locations in Connecticut to serve and offer a variety of effective mortgage loan options.    

Our two Connecticut offices are located at:

18 Padanaram Rd, Danbury, CT
4750 Main St, Bridgeport