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FHA Loans – Lockport, NY

Your Trusted Lockport, NY FHA Lender


At Prysma Lending Group, our team of mortgage loan originators are steadfast in their commitment to serve Lockport clients with their mortgage loan needs. We have two locations in Connecticut at 18 Padanaram Rd, Danbury, CT, and 4750 Main St, Bridgeport, CT to conveniently meet with our loan specialists.

Our team can provide conventional and unconventional loans to both individuals and families. The mortgage loan originator will assist you through every step of the process and will help to understand all your Lockport mortgage options.

Call our team of loan specialists today at 1-855-782-0862 to discuss your options or schedule an appointment to hear more about lending options. You can also fill out the form through our website to explore your Lockport mortgage loan options.

Your Lockport Mortgage Loan Options

Conventional Loans

A conventional loan allows for flexible loan terms and lowers down payments for the borrower. Prysma Lending offers two types of conventional loans, including fixed and adjustable-rate mortgage loans.

Unconventional Loans

Unconventional loans that we offer are FHA loans, VA loans, and Tax ID (ITIN) for our clients in Lockport, NY.

Refinancing Options

Refinancing options are available for Lockport clients. Refinancing options include lowering the monthly mortgage payments and lowering interest rates. Our team wants to meet all your needs through our refinancing options offered by Prysma.

Reverse Mortgages

Lockport homeowners that are looking for cash can use the reverse mortgage option. This type of mortgage exchanged home equity for cash needed by homeowners, which is simple and easy.

The 4 Steps to Home Ownership Lockport, NY

Prysma’s mortgage loan originators are committed to assisting Lockport clients through the mortgage and home buying processes. We also make sure to give our clients helpful advice in understanding relocation and purchasing a new home.

We have created a four-step process that is straightforward to find your path to homeownership. We know that it can be overwhelming and challenging to find a new home, but our team is here to assist you through the home buying process in Lockport.



Pre-qualification is the first step to homeownership. Our team of loan specialists will find you the best option for the amount of money that you are approved for to find your Lockport home. The mortgage loan originator is dedicated to helping you get through the process and choosing the best options for your individual or family needs.


Find Your New Home and Offer

The second step is to start the home search process to find your dream home. It is important to comprise a list of factors that will influence your decision to buy, such as the price of your home, location, and neighborhood ratings. If you find your new home, make sure to put in an offer and negotiate to find the best price for your Lockport home.


Loan Application Process

The loan application will begin once you have an approved purchase price from your seller. The mortgage loan originator will take care of filing the application and make sure your application is secured. If you have questions about the application along the way, our team is here to answer.


Closing and Moving Into Your New Home

The last step of the homeownership process is preparing for the upcoming closing and moving into your new Lockport dream home. Before you close, the mortgage application will be approved.

Why Borrowers Choose PRYSMA for Lockport Home Loans

Prysma Lending went above and beyond to help me with my loan. It’s hard to rely on a good lender now a days, with all the big corporate banks out there. Prysma provided me with Amazing service. I have been using them for over 10 years and couldn’t be happier.

– S. Johnson

Highly recommend Prysma! They were very professional and went above and beyond my expectations! They kept me informed and answered all my questions. A special thanks for Debora and Mark for their effort, even during their vacation they worked and made my closing happened.

– M. Breda

Prysma cares about their clients and works hard to demonstrate that with each closing!

– W. Bernard

Understanding Lockport Home Mortgage Loans

Conventional Mortgage Loans for Lockport, NY

A conventional loan is not covered or insured by government agencies like the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or the Veterans Administration (VA) for this loan type. Prysma offers two types of conventional loan options:

  • Fixed-Rate Loan:
    Fixed-rate loans allow for a down payment and monthly payments based on the borrower’s simple fixed rate. This type of loan stays the same each month.
  • Adjustable-Rate (ARM) Loan:
    The adjustable-rate loan is a mortgage loan that has a start rate but then fluctuates based on market conditions and index rates. These ARM loans have a limit on maximum increase rate allower, which is a negotiated cap on the rate. This type is perfect for those that will only keep their house for a short time.

Unconventional Mortgage Loans for Lockport, NY

  • Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Loan:
    The Federal Housing Administration will back this loan but does not insure it because the lender (Prysma) insures it. For FHA loans, the lender is able to offer better deals for lower payments and lower interest rates. FHA loan requires the applicant to have a valid social security number, lawful residency in the U.S., and proof of employment for at least two years.
  • Tax ID Loan:
    Tax ID loans are great for clients that do not have a valid social security number, credit score, or Green Card. Prysma is able to offer this loan to those who have an individual tax identification number (ITIN), passport, and employment history.
  • Veterans Administration (VA) Loan:
    Veterans Administration loans are offered for our military clients, which offer no down payments and low interest rates. Requirements for this loan are proof of military service, disclosure of finances, and confirmation of no dishonorable discharge.
Large Brick Home - Mortgage Loan

Mortgage Refinancing

  • Mortgage Refinancing Options:
    Lockport homeowners can explore the refinancing options, which allows for lower monthly mortgage payments, loan rates, and an increase in equity. Prysma’s refinancing options are designed for all homeowner’s financial needs to be met.

Reverse Mortgages

Reverse Mortgage Options:
Reverse mortgages allow for Lockport clients to make monthly payments and interest rates to be reduced. The loan officers will work with you to ensure that this type of loan meets your needs.

The Connecticut Home Loan Office Locations

Through our years of experience, Prysma Lending Group has had the opportunity to work with thousands of clients through the loan process and finding their dream home. Prysma has been at the forefront of marketplace charts since 2003 and is considered one of the best lending groups. Over the decades, our clients have been the top priority and will continue to be as we assist with decision-making and the loan process. We will ensure that you get the best loan option, so you don’t face more financial challenges. You can meet with our team of loan specialists at our Connecticut offices in Danbury and Bridgeport to discuss your potential loan options.

Prysma Office Locations:

18 Padanaram Rd, Danbury, CT
4750 Main St, Bridgeport, CT

Get started with our team today by phone call to explore the options for your Lockport mortgage.