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Is 2014 the Year For You to Buy a House?
I realize you already have a lot on your mind right now. The holidays have... more

Had a Mortgage Meltdown?
But some surprising mortgage lending rules are giving people a mortgage mulligan! more

Lose Your Last Home? The FHA Has a Mortgage for You
I spoke to Denise Panza, who operates about the program. She said... more

Credit scores and Chromosomes: Mortgage tips..
Women have just as much rightand capability to get a mortgage.. more

A couple recently walked into my office and...more

There's Good News in the Housing Market

Donít try to time the market
when you were a kid, did you ever play a Dodge the Raindrops game?...more

Tips on landing a loan
If you are thinking that it might be time to come out of hibernation and start looking for a mortgage loan, here are
four tips to remember...more

Give your child a head start

Is it time to get that second home?

Sounds weird? Sounds out of reach for you? Think again!...more

Avoid this money-losing conflict of interest
Imagine this scenario: You're driving through a neighborhood when you spot a beautiful house with a big "For Sale" sign on the front lawn. What do you do?...more

Owning your first home starts earlier than you realize
I still remember the giddy feeling I felt when I bought my first house. What I didn't know then...more

Refinancing may be an option for you — but beware
With interest rates at an all-time low, now may be the right time for homeowners to refinance and pay less on their mortgages. However, there seems to be a general misconception...more

Resolve to make more money in 2012
If you're looking for a New Year's Resolution that will be way more enjoyable
than signing up for the gym or trying to go "cold turkey," here's one that can actually make you money...more

The Perfect Time To Buy

Is Your Toddler Racking Up Debt<
That's right: While your sweet little child is enjoying a rerun of the latest Pixar movie, some savvy thief might be hijacking your child's identity for their own nefarious purposes...more

Commonly Overlooked Home Insurance Pitfalls
Why not dust off your home insurance policy right now and see how your policy stacks up against these four common mistakes...more

Tax Liens A Growing Concern - Not Anymore
The IRS announced new program to help taxpayers pay back taxes and avoid tax liens. How big is this problem...more

Café Amarcord Fundraiser

Term Of Mortgage Can Save You Money
<How would you like to save $43,288?  Yes, it is possible. And no, itís not a scam....more

What Is Your Home Worth These Days
Have you ever wondered what your house is currently worth? Itís a topic on the forefront of many minds today...more

Help Your Parents Enjoy Retirement
Your parents mean the world to you. They kept a roof over your head. They imparted their parental wisdom when you brought home a report card with a big, red C ó or...more

Your Credit Score Will No Longer Be A Secret
Lenders will have to provide you with your credit score if you are turned down for a loan or are charged a higher rate than the ďbestĒ rate they have to offer...more

The Art Of Buying Low - And Selling High

New Year Means New Opportunity For First Time Home Buyers

Owning A Home Can Reduce Your Tax Burden

True Story: ARM's Have A Purpose! (part 1)
True Story: ARM's Have A Purpose! (part2)

Buried Treasure for Home Buyers

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Pay Less Tax When Selling Your Property

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